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Honey bees are suffering. This is a devastating situation for the Honey Bees as well as humanity. Honey bees are more vulnerable to pesticides, mites, and viruses. This is the main reason why Honey Bees are disappearing. The health of nations is at risk due to the decline in the Honey Bee and the farming practices corporate farms continue using, as well as the GMO food source that Monsanto produces. Over 45% of Honey Bee colonies were destroyed in the past year. Millions were poisoned by Zika insecticides. Bayer and Syngenta are two other insecticides that continue to flood the US with toxic chemicals that can wipe out bee colonies.

They are still the most commonly used pesticides in the United States. These pesticides are still used in many other parts of the globe. The future of humanity depends on our actions to protect the Honey Bee and stop the terrible carnage that is sweeping the globe. The health crisis facing the world today is only going to get worse if we keep eyes closed.

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Datas and Explanations

A rumor mill in the United States fabricated the claim that genetically modified crops (GM) were responsible for mass bee disappearances. The puzzle-story, code-named colony collapsing disorder, quickly gained popularity in the blogsphere, mainly on the websites of anti-biotech groups like the Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth.

Perhaps OCA was the most enthusiastic about the news. Nobody knows why bees are dying. However, there is evidence that GE crops may be contributing to the problem, particularly those that are resistant to Bt-toxin. Although healthy bees don’t seem to be affected, Hans-Hinrich Kaatz, a German scientist, found that bees infested by parasites and fed Bt pollen caused them to die at an alarming rate. For years, beekeepers have reported that honeybees are afflicted with high levels of parasites.

Bt pollen is a factor in the deaths of bees. Bt crops are being grown in the areas where bees have disappeared. This is not a coincidence. This could not have happened without Bt, and yet we are here. We don’t know the exact cause of this interaction, and we don’t even know how to stop it. I highlighted an article in Science that dispelled the notion that GM crops are responsible for the disappearance of honeybees. GMO Pundit Blog also did the same.

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The New York Times published results by a group entomologists. They found that a bee disease called Israeli acute Paralysis virus is implicated in the acute colony disorder. Science Express, an online edition of Science, has the study. These scientific findings are significant because they provide a clear explanation for the disappearance of honeybees. It is hoped that those who have linked GM crops to the acute colonies disorder will learn a lesson. These studies also support the role of science and the importance of science in the debate over GM crops.

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