Bees travel around 100,000 air miles for a jar of honey

Speaking of travel: To fill a 500-gram jar of honey, bees fly, symbolically, 2.5 times around the world. They cover between 25,000 and 500,000 kilometers in flight.


Bees are considered the 3rd most important farm animal

Bees are enormously important for the ecosystem. They pollinate 80 percent of our crops and many wild plants. Without this important work, humans would have to do without numerous foodstuffs in their diets, because many types of fruit and vegetables depend on pollination by the industrious bees. Incidentally, the most important farm animal in Germany is cattle, followed by pigs.


Bees shiver themselves warm

When the temperature in the hive drops below 10 degrees Celsius in winter, bees shiver themselves warm with the help of their flight muscles. In this way, they can heat their home to over 30 degrees Celsius. Even with outside temperatures in the double-digit minus range, they can survive the winter without any problems.


Bee Products

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Team Work

One bee is a genius, but many bees are a miracle of nature. The honey bee is something very special: it can only exist and survive in association. A honey bee kept individually will die after a short time, despite the best husbandry and care.